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Lifting ServicesAre you lifting on your site? AGS Ground Solutions can help.

Lifting Services

AGS carry out a range of tests suitable for any site to determine the strength of the ground prior to lifting. Our testing methods are fast and robust, providing you with highly accurate data, which you can use in your lift plan.

Tests Include:

Plate Bearing Test

Equivalent CBR Value

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

Highways Grading Tests

Ground Bearing Pressure Tests

Lifting Services
Crane Pad Testing
Do not leave site safety to chance. Let an AGS ground testing programme give you peace of mind. Our engineers have a wealth of experience and will use this to tailor the testing to suit your needs.

With a plate bearing test, we apply a known pressure to the ground and monitor movement.

The results of a plate bearing test will enable you to calculate the size of outrigger spreader plates, and the ground movement that can be expected. Our on-site testing also provides you with peace of mine when it comes to planning your lift.

For more details about our on-site lifting services, please contact AGS Ground Solutions to discuss your requirements, and to obtain a quotation.

On-Site testing near Falmouth in Cornwall. The Standard Penetration Test (SPT) is used to calculate a Ground Bearing Pressure.

Lifting Services