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On-site TestingDestructive Ground Anchor Tests – AGS Ground Solutions can carry out full destructive “pull out” tests or non-destructive “load” tests on ground anchors, to protect your structure.

On-site Testing

AGS offer a suite of on-site tests to meet your needs.

On-Site testing can examine a range of ground conditions. Ranging from the strength or density of the ground through to contamination levels and infiltration rates, AGS Ground Solutions have a comprehensive range of on-site testing to meet your needs.

On site testing can provide you with base line data, or monitor changes as a result of your development. Combined with our consultancy services we can offer you a complete ground solution.

A list of our main testing services is shown below, however, we can also carry out bespoke tests if required examining specific features. Please, contact AGS Ground Solutions to discuss your requirements.

Click here for more details about our specific ‘lifting’ test services.

On-site Testing
Main On-site Testing Areas

Plate Bearing Tests

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

Soakage Testing (two dimensional / three dimensional)

Soil Gas / portable VOC monitoring

Ground anchor / soil nail testing

Density (Sand Replacement)

Water monitoring

Soil Grading analysis

On-Site monitoring for soil gas, vapour and water quality / levels can be carried out on a long-term basis, in order to monitor the effects of development on the environment.

On-site Testing